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This topic describes how to interpret the details of your Browser RUM licensing information. It assumes that you have acquired your Web EUM license from your AppDynamics sales representative.

EUM Accounts and Licenses

Licensing for EUM is separate from Controller licensing.  EUM Accounts can be enabled for three distinct license types:

  • Browser RUM
  • Mobile RUM
  • Browser Synthetic

If you have at least one of these license types, you have an EUM Account, which has a name and a license key associated with it.


To View EUM License Information

  1. Open the gear menu in the upper right corner.
  2. Click License.
  3. Scroll down to End User Monitoring.

License Category

There are two Browser RUM license categories: PRO and Lite.

A Browser RUM PRO license allows a specific number of page views per year, per agent. 

  • A page view is an instance of a base page loaded by a Web browser. Repeated views of a single page are counted as separate page views.
  • AppDynamics counts a page view each time the JavaScript agent for Browser RUM is executed on a base page. Only page views of pages that are instrumented by the agent are counted as page views consumed. For example, pages excluded from monitoring through configuration are not counted. Views of Ajax requests and iframes are not counted as page views consumed.

A Browser RUM Lite license includes the following features:

  • Geo Dashboard for the previous 24 hour period for up to 500 million page views
  • Page/Iframe List for the previous 24 hour period for up to 500 million page views
  • Usage Stats for the previous 24 hour period for up to 500 million page views

Usage Period

The usage period is per year, even if you have a multi-year license.

The Browser RUM meter resets every year based on the expiration of your license agreement. For example, if your license expires on 5/15/2020, your usage period resets every year on 5/15.

License Key

This is the license key associated with your EUM license.

Browser Real User Monitoring Agents Licensed

This is the number of agents you have currently licensed.  Each agent provides a certain number of annual page views.

Page Views Allocated

This is the number of page views allocated for the current usage period by your license agreement.

Page Views Consumed

This is the number of page views consumed during the current usage period.

If this value is greater than Page Views Allocated and your license allows overages, you are incurring overage charges.

If you need to stop incurring overage charges, you can disable Browser RUM by clearing the Enable End User Monitoring check box in the Configuration window. This will stop end user monitoring and stop page views from being charged after a delay of approximately one minute.


How overages are handled is determined by the terms of your Browser RUM license agreement.  When you reach a limit you are notified at the top of the All Pages section of the Pages & Ajax Requests tab.

If your license does not allow overages, AppDynamics stops reporting metrics after your Browser RUM limit has been reached.  

If your license does allow overages and your usage exceeds the limit, AppDynamics continues reporting  Browser RUM metrics and bills you for the overage at the unit rate stipulated by your license agreement pro-rated over the number of page views that exceed the limit.