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AppDynamics Application Analytics enables you to do real-time analysis of business performance that is correlated with the performance of your application software. As a separately licensed product in the AppDynamics Platform, Application Analytics enhances and extends the AppDynamics APM, Browser and Mobile RUM product modules to provide Transaction Analytics, Log Analytics, and Browser and Mobile Analytics. Application Analytics can help you answer business-oriented questions such as:

  • How many users experienced failed checkout transactions in the last 24 hours? How much revenue was lost because of these failures? How is that revenue distributed across different product categories?
  • What is your revenue for the day for a geographical region?
  • What was the revenue impact by product category associated with the two marketing campaigns we ran last week?

Transaction Analytics provides analytics on data collected by the AppDynamics Java, .NET, and Node.js Agents. Collecting Transaction Analytics data requires no change to your application code. You enable analytics on the app agents and Controller you already use. Once you have enabled analytics on your application, you can collect and analyze three kinds of data:

  • Default performance data collected by the app agents about your application's business transactions
  • HTTP-based data collected by HTTP data collectors
  • Custom data collected by method invocation data collectors

To enable Transaction Analytics for your applications, see Configuring Transaction Analytics.

Log Analytics provides analytics on data collected from many types of log files, including instrumented and non-instrumented applications as well as infrastructure. Log Analytics can be used as a standalone component. You can search and analyze log data just as you do transaction data.

Log Analytics works by default with the syslog (log4j) format and can be easily configured for other log formats, including GZIP files - (log files ending in .gz). You can capture other log formats by setting up a regular-expression-based mapping, see Configuring Log Analytics

Correlating Log and Transaction Analytics Data: If you configure business transaction GUID injection, you can see logs that are related to specific business transaction requests. For details on configuring GUID injection, see Business Transaction and Log Correlation

Browser and Mobile Analytics provides analytics on data collected from Browser Real User Monitoring and Mobile Real User Monitoring in a more flexible search format than in the main EUM screens. If you have enabled Browser RUM or Mobile RUM and enabled Analytics, you see these event types on the Analytics search page. For details on how analytics extends the capability of EUM, see the section "Browser Analyze versus Browser Request Analytics" in Browser RUM Analyze. 

Browser and Mobile RUM user sessions analytics data is available only on SaaS controllers.


Custom Analytics Events can be added using the Analytics Events API.

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