This page applies to an earlier version of the AppDynamics App IQ Platform.
For the latest documentation, see the 4.5 Documentation.

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Important Upgrade Notes

  • If you are upgrading the Controller and agents, first upgrade the Controller and then upgrade the Machine Agents.
  • Shut down the Standalone Machine Agent process before you install the new agent. All Machine Agents that are running from the same install location need to be shut down when updating that install location.
  • Download the installation package that is appropriate for your OS environment from the AppDynamics Download Center (
  • Backup the <machine_agent_home> directory so you can revert to the previous installation if required. To maintain the same configuration information, you will also need the <machine_agent_home>\conf\controller-info.xml file.
  • After upgrading the Machine Agent, update any custom scripts you have that make use of the Machine Agent to use the JRE that is packaged with the Machine Agent.
  • You must install one Machine Agent for each node on the machine. For the Machine Agent to report data for nodes belonging to different applications; each application needs its own Machine Agent.

1 Stop the Agent

Stop the agent as described for your specific installation in Start and Stop the Standalone Machine Agent.

2 Backup the Existing Agent Directory

Make a copy of the existing agent directory, <machine_agent_home>. Backing up allows you to revert to the previous agent installation if you need to. You can also copy over the controller-info.xml configuration file to the new installation to ensure the agent configuration is maintained. 

3 Remove the Existing Machine Agent 

This applies to all operating systems and distributions:

  • If the old Machine Agent is installed using Linux RPM, remove the old Machine Agent package.
  • If the old Machine Agent is installed using the ZIP package,remove the existing Machine Agent home directory.

4 Install the Agent

Install the Machine Agent as described for your specific installation in Install the Standalone Machine Agent.

5 Restore the controller-info.xml File

To ensure the agent configuration is maintained, copy the <backup_machine_agent_home>\conf\controller-info.xml file to the new installation directory, <machine_agent_home>\conf. 

6 Start the Agent 

Start the agent, verify the agent installation, and verify that the agent is reporting to the Controller as described for your specific installation in Install the Standalone Machine Agent.