This page applies to an earlier version of the AppDynamics App IQ Platform.
For the latest documentation, see the 4.5 Documentation.

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Beta Disclaimer

This documentation mentions features that are currently beta. AppDynamics reserves the right to change the features at any time before making them generally available as well as never making them generally available. Any buying decisions should be made based on features that are currently generally available. To participate in the Server Monitoring beta program, visit this website: Server Monitoring Beta.



The Machine Agent is a standalone Java program that collects hardware-related performance statistics from your servers. It can be deployed on any machine that hosts application servers, database servers, messaging servers, Web servers, etc. It has an extensible architecture. Server Monitoring is bundled with each App Agent that you purchase. Server Monitoring permits host monitoring and is facilitated with the Standalone Machine Agent, which includes the free extensions available on the AppSphere community.

Use the Machine Agent to:

  • Provide basic functionailty:
  • Provide extended functionality through new Server Monitoring - Beta functionality:
    • All the features of basic server monitoring and much more
    • User interface that enables you to quickly see and rapidly troubleshoot hardware performance problems
    • Collects and displays more metrics, including Process metrics, in the Metrics Browser and in the Server Monitoring Pro user interface

Server Monitoring - Beta

Server Monitoring - Beta now offers more metrics and a infrastructure-specific graphical user interface, in addition to the view of the metrics in the Metrics Browser. For more information, see Server Monitoring - Beta