This page applies to an earlier version of the AppDynamics App IQ Platform.
For the latest documentation, see the 4.5 Documentation.

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Beta Disclaimer

This documentation mentions features that are currently beta. AppDynamics reserves the right to change the features at any time before making them generally available as well as never making them generally available. Any buying decisions should be made based on features that are currently generally available.



Installation of the Machine Agent has been improved for Linux and Unix-like systems, by the addition of an RPM installer for the Machine Agent that includes the JRE version 1.7. In addition, the AppDynamics Download Center has JRE-bundled zip files for some of the supported platforms. 

Installation Steps

Follow these steps to complete your installation:

Step 1: Plan and Prepare to Install the Standalone Machine Agent

Step 2: Install for your OS:

Step 3: Verify the Standalone Machine Agent Installation

Important Installation Notes

  • Download the the version of the installation package that is appropriate for your OS environment from the AppDynamics Download Center (
  • Installing the AppDynamics Machine Agent requires putting the agent software on the machine you want to monitor.
  • You must install one Standalone Machine Agent for each node on the machine. For the Standalone Machine Agent to report data for nodes belonging to different applications; each application needs its own Standalone Machine Agent.
  • If you install an App Agent on the same machine as the Machine Agent, install the App Agent before the Standalone Machine Agent, and do not specify the tier and node in the machine agent configuration.
  • To avoid permission issues, you should install the agent as the same user who owns the Machine Agent or as an administrator on the host machine.
  • Do not use spaces in the agent installation destination directory <machine_agent_home>.
  • The Machine Agent starts within its own JVM.  You can customize the agent installation if you require a different version of the JRE. 
  • Java 1.7 or later is required for Machine Agent version 4.1 and above.
  • All files should be readable by the Machine Agent.
  • The user who runs the Machine Agent must have write privileges to the logging output directory and to the conf directory, which is located in the agent installation directory.
  • Depending on the version of unix and whether you're using the Sigar or shell script version of the OS monitor, the agent may require elevated privileges in order to make some system calls to collect metrics.
  • The controller-info.xml file describes the properties of agent to Controller communications. Before starting the agent, you must configure the properties in this file.  You must specify these properties: Controller Host PropertyController Port Property, and Account Access Key Property.
  • Thoroughly test your deployment in a staging environment to detect possible conflicts. 

New in 4.1: Server Monitoring - Beta

Server Monitoring - Beta offers more metrics and a infrastructure-specific graphical user interface, in addition to the view of the metrics in the Metrics Browser. For more information, see Server Monitoring - Beta

 Next Step

 Step 1: Plan and Prepare to Install the Standalone Machine Agent