This page applies to an earlier version of the AppDynamics App IQ Platform.
For documentation on the latest version, see the 4.4 Documentation.

Be aware: AppDynamics does not regenerate the PDF documentation every time that the documentation is updated. If having the most up-to-date documentation is essential to you please see the 4.1 wiki documentation.

Release Notes

Release notes are inclusive. All updates since 4.1.0 are noted in the 4.1.x Release Notes.

Platform Release Notes - updated February 9, 2016

Complete Documentation Suite

Application Intelligence Platform (44.32 MB) updated December 19, 2015

Doc Subsets

Application Performance Management (6.90 MB) - updated December 19, 2015

End User Monitoring (8.19 MB)updated December 19, 2015

Database Monitoring (3.66 MB) updated December 19, 2015

Server Monitoring (4.38 MB) updated December 19, 2015

Application Analytics (1.72 MB) - updated December 19, 2015



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