This page applies to an earlier version of the AppDynamics App IQ Platform.
For the latest documentation, see the 4.5 Documentation.

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Beta Disclaimer

This documentation mentions features that are currently beta. AppDynamics reserves the right to change the features at any time before making them generally available as well as never making them generally available. Any buying decisions should be made based on features that are currently generally available.



This topic describes Controller Admin settings that are specific to the Machine Agent.

You can change the amount of machine agent data you retain in the Controller database by changing the retention period for machine agent snapshots. Lowering the retention settings purges data that is aged out by the new retention setting and reduces the amount of data stored by the Controller on an ongoing basis. When tuning the size of the Controller database, this is a good place to start.

Change the Controller Settings for Standalone Machine Agents

  1. Log in to the Controller administration console using the root account password. See  Access the Administration Console.

    http://<controller host>:<port>/controller/admin.jsp

    Use the root account password to access the Admin console when the Controller is installed in single- or multi-tenant mode. For a discussion of the root password, see Administrative Users. If you have lost this password, see Reset Root User Password.

  2. Click Controller Settings.
  3. Change the following parameters as required and then click Save
Property NameAbout the propertyDefaultAllowed Values property determines how long the Controller waits for the agent to perform an IN-PROGRESS action before it stops the action.

86400000 ms

(1 day)

1 to 840 hours (5 weeks) number of new actions dispatched per minute for each machine agent. This is the maximum number of "runbook" actions sent to the machine agent. For example, you may request the machine agent to run a script because of a health rule violation, if the number of requests in a one minute period is more than the preset value, the action is executed the next minute. 15 per minute1 to 28999999
machine.agent.pending.actions.timeoutDetermines how long the Controller waits for the agent to perform a PENDING action before it stops the action.

1800000 ms

(12 hrs)

machine.agent.snapshots.buffer.sizeSize in Megabytes of the in-memory buffer storing machine snapshots uploaded from agents prior to database flush50 MB 
machine.snapshots.retention.periodTime in hours to retain server snapshot data.336 hours (2 weeks)1 to 840 hours (5 weeks)
sim.exceptions.stacktrace.enabledWhen this is enabled, controller stacktraces are sent in the error response when a client request encounters an error. Setting this to true is a security risk, so should only be set to true if you understand the consequences and if directed by a support engineer.false 
sim.machines.registrations.maxPerSecondPerAccountMaximum number of registrations allowed per second per account. Prevents server overload.60 
sim.machines.count.maxPerAccountMaximum number of machines allowed per account. Any additional machines won't appear. Prevents server overload.2000/account 
sim.machines.offline.toStaleTimeoutMillisHow much time, in milliseconds, to wait before considering an offline machine to be stale and marked for deletion. If this value is too high, it prevents fresh data from coming in. If the value is too short means less history.

2592000000 ms (30 days)

sim.machines.stale.purgeIntervalMillisAn interval in milliseconds that determines when stale machines are deleted from the controller database. If this value is too short, it might overload the server. If the value is too high, then stale machines are deleted more slowly.

21600000 ms

(6 hours)

sim.machines.lastSeenTimestamp.updateIntervalMillisThis controls the granularity of the "last-seen" timestamp which is used to check if a machine is offline or not. This dictates the minimum value for sim.machines.offline.toStaleTimeoutMillis. Smaller values mean more database writes. Unit is milliseconds.

3600000 ms

(1 hour)

sim.processes.query.maxResultLimitMaximum number of processes returned from the database in any query. If the value is too high , this can overload the server.5000 
sim.processes.registrations.maxPerSecondPerAccountMaximum number of process requests handled per second per account.60/sec 
sim.processes.terminated.toStaleTimeoutMillisNumber of milliseconds before a terminated process is considered stale and can be deleted to make space for new data.604800000 ms (7 days) 
sim.processes.count.maxPerAccountMaximum number of processes stored per account.10000/account 
sim.processes.stale.purgeIntervalMillisNumber of milliseconds between consecutive deletes of stale processes for an account.21600000 ms (6 hrs) 

Changes to the settings take effect the next time the agent is restarted and connects to the Controller.