This page applies to an earlier version of the AppDynamics App IQ Platform.
For the latest documentation, see the 4.5 Documentation.

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  1. Configure the Machine Agent connection to the Controller using the Controller Host PropertyController Port Property, and Account Access Key Property.

  2. Optional. Configure SSL Communications using the Controller SSL Enabled PropertyController Keystore Password PropertyController Keystore Filename Property, and the Force Default SSL Certificate Validation Property. See Enable SSL for Standalone Machine Agent.
  3. Optional. Configure the Machine Agent to use proxy settings using the Proxy Host Property  and Proxy Port Property. See Standalone Machine Agent Configuration Properties
  4. If the Machine Agent is installed on a machine that does not have an app agent, configure the Application Name PropertyTier Name Property and the Node Name Property node name. These properties determine where the agent metrics appear in the Metric Browser tree.

     If you start a Standalone Machine Agent on a machine that already has a Java Agent or the PHP Agent installed, the Machine Agent will automatically associate itself with the app agent's application, tier, and node settings. If you install a PHP Agent on the same machine as the Machine Agent, install the PHP Agent before the Machine Agent, and do not specify the tier and node in the machine agent configuration.

  5. Multi-tenant mode or SaaS Installations Only. This step is required only when the AppDynamics Controller is configured in Controller Tenant Mode and Accounts or when you use a SaaS Controller. Skip this step if you are using single-tenant mode, which is the default in an on-premise installation.
    Configure Machine Agent Account Information, specify the properties for Account Name Property and Account Access Property. This information is provided in the Welcome email from the AppDynamics Support Team. You can also find this information in the <controller_homel>/initial_account_access_info.txt file.

For more information on the above and other configuration properties, see Standalone Machine Agent Configuration Properties.

6. WindowsAdd the Standalone Machine Agent as a javaagent Argument to the JVM

    Linux and Unix-like systems:  Start the Standalone Machine Agent

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