This page applies to an earlier version of the AppDynamics App IQ Platform.
For documentation on the latest version, see the 4.4 Documentation.

The Users and Roles topic describes how to add locally authenticated user accounts in the AppDynamics Controller, and introduces the topic of roles and groups.

The following topics provide additional information on advanced user administration features, such as integrating the Controller with external authentication providers, along with information on the administrative accounts in the system. 

Modifying User Session Timeout

New in 4.1.7 The Controller logs users out of Controller UI sessions after 60 minutes of inactivity by default. For an on-premise Controller, it's possible to modify the default timeout value, as follows:

  1. As the AppDynamics root user, log in to the Administration Console.  

  2. Find and set the values for these properties: 

    • http.session.inactive.timeout: The amount of time without a client request to the Controller after which the user session times out and the user will need to log in again to continue. The default is 3600 seconds (60 minutes). 
    • ui.inactivity.timeout: The amount of time without user activity in the Controller UI after which the user session times out and the user will need to log in again to continue. The default is -1 (disabled). 

Setting a System Notification Message

New in 4.1.7 You can have a message appear as a dialog box after a successful login. The user will need to close the dialog box to continue.

To set a login message, enter the text as the value of the system.user.notification.message Controller setting in the Administration Console. Clearing the text for the setting suppresses the appearance of the dialog. 

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