This page applies to an earlier version of the AppDynamics App IQ Platform.
For documentation on the latest version, see the 4.4 Documentation.

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If you downloaded the agent from the AppDynamics Download Center, see Install the Standalone Machine Agent.

  1. Confirm you have access to an AppDynamics Controller:
    • If you use a SaaS controller, AppDynamics sent you the Controller URL and port number in your Welcome Email.
    • If you use the on-premise Controller, you supplied the host and port when you installed the Controller.
  2. Log on to the Controller and click the Agent Download Wizard tab.

  3. Click Standalone Machine Agent, then click Next.
  4. The Controller Location URL window displays the connection info for the Controller as detected by the download wizard. Confirm and click Next.
  5. (Optional) Click SSL to enable SSL encryption between the agent and the Controller. Enter the SSL port. For AppDynamics SaaS, the SSL port is 443. 
  6. Log on as an administrator to the machine. Unzip the file.

    For example, to unzip the agent on Linux. This is the agent installation directory, <agent home>:
    unzip -d /opt/appdynamics/<agent home>

  7. Launch the Standalone Machine Agent. 

    java -jar <agent home>/machineagent.jar 
  8. You're ready to begin monitoring.

  9. Log on to the Controller to see your application in action.

    From here, you can install more agents or you can begin monitoring your application.


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