This page applies to an earlier version of the AppDynamics App IQ Platform.
For documentation on the latest version, see the 4.4 Documentation.

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Instrumenting an application involves incorporating an AppDynamics application agent (app agent) into the application's runtime process. Instrumentation makes it possible for AppDynamics to monitor the application's performance.

At a minimum, instrumenting an application involves installing the agent software, identifying the node represented by the agent (by application name, tier name, and node name), and configuring the connection to the Controller to which the agent will report metrics and events. The actual process for instrumenting an application varies depending on the environment and application server platform.

This section describes how to instrument applications on different platforms and in different types of application environments. The pages here cover installing, upgrading, uninstalling and administering the application agents.

Install and Administer Agents covers common topics relating to app agent installation and administration. For specific information by application environment, see the appropriate subsection for your platform.

For information on agents that enable product module features that are not application agents, see:


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