This page applies to an earlier version of the AppDynamics App IQ Platform.
For documentation on the latest version, see the 4.4 Documentation.

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You can export your health configurations from one application to another using a special AppDynamics REST API. This capability allows you to re-use health rule configurations in different applications instead of re-configuring each application manually from the AppDynamics console.

Exporting Health Rules from an Application

Exports are HTTP GET operations.

Export the configurations for all health rules in an application



produces the output in all_health_rules.

Export the configuration for a single health rule


For example: Transaction response time is much higher than normal

produces the output in one_health_rule.

Importing Health Rules to an Application

Imports are HTTP POST operations.

After you have exported health rules you can import them to a different application passing the xml file created by the export operation as payload to the POST. You can modify the exported file before you import it. You might want to do this to add or remove one or more health rule configurations or to change their names.

Use UTF-8 URL encoding of the URI before posting; for example, do not replace a space (" ") with "%20" in the URI.

The default behavior is not to overwrite an existing health rule of the same name. If you want to overwrite an existing health rule of the same name, specify the overwrite=true parameter. since the default is false.

The syntax is the same for importing one health rule configurations or several. All the health rule configurations in the xml files are imported.

Import the configurations for health rules in an application


This example imports the health rule in the uploaded file, overwriting any health rules of the same name.

The next example imports the health rules without overwriting. In this case, any health rules in the destination controller that have the same names as health rules in the all_health_rules file are not overwritten.


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