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This topic describes how to do a complete uninstall of the .NET Agent.

(warning) Do not follow these instructions if you are doing an upgrade. If you want to upgrade to a new version see Upgrade the .NET Agent.

To completely uninstall the .NET Agent

  1. Stop IIS, instrumented Windows services, and instrumented standalone applications.
    (warning) Failing to stop instrumented applications before uninstalling the agent requires you to reboot the machine to complete the uninstall.

  2. Stop the AppDynamics.Agent.Coordinator service.

  3. In the Control Panel, select Add/Remove Programs. Remove the AppDynamics .NET Agent.

  4. The uninstall procedure does not remove configuration files. Delete the configuration directory:
    Windows Server 2008 and later%ProgramData%\AppDynamics
    Windows Server 2003: 
    %AllUsersProfile%\Application Data\AppDynamics

  5. Verify the uninstall deleted the AppDynamics executables directory. If not, delete it manually:
    Windows Server 2003 and later: %ProgramFiles%\AppDynamics

  6. Restart IIS, Windows services, and standalone applications.

(tick) In some cases another process interferes with the .NET Agent uninstallation process by locking the profiler.dll. If uninstallation fails, use a utility such as Process Explorer to see if a process is using profiler.dll. If so, terminate the process. Otherwise try rebooting the machine. Then retry the uninstallation. 

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