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3.9.x Documentation


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Doc Maps

Flow maps show the health of your application, all tiers, and the communication between the tiers. It includes summary indicators such as call rates and error rates:

Visual indicators quickly show you problem tiers and healthy tiers.  Below you can see tier 1 is experiencing very slow response times, while tier 2 and tier 3 are healthy:

By default, the flow map computes tier health by comparing the state of the tier averaged over the last 15 minutes against the daily trend (the 30 day rolling average). You can change the time window for baseline comparison using the time window pull down menu. You can also disable baseline comparisons:

You can change the time range displayed in the flow map by changing the time window using the time window pull down menu. Changing the time range effects the entire dashboard:

You can troubleshoot a problem system call by clicking on a the tier's name to drill down into a subset of the system involving the tier:

To view the slow response times in detail click on the slow response time menu:

From the slow response time pick a transaction to see a snapshot of the slow transaction:

From the transaction snapshot you can troubleshoot the slow transaction:

For more information on resolving issues related to slow transactions, see Troubleshoot Slow Response Time for Java.