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To load the Java Agent in Mule ESB, pass the Java Agent JAR location as a JVM argument to Mule.

Mule ESB 3.X or later uses the Tanuki configuration environment. To specify JVM arguments in your Mule ESB environment, you need to configure them as additional parameters to the Tanuki Java Service Wrapper configuration file, wrapper.conf, as described below.  

To configure the Tanuki Service Wrapper

  1. Open the Java Service Wrapper configuration file: 
  2. Find the location indicated for Java Additional Parameters:

    # Java Additional Parameters
  3. Add the path to the Java Agent JAR file as a JVM argument using a parameter, as follows."-javaagent:/path_to_appagent/javaagent.jar"

    Where "n" is the next available integer among the parameters already in the wrapper.conf file, if any. The numbers serve to identify each Java Additional Parameter in the file. Do not skip numbers when adding the property. Replace path_to_appagent to the path to the javaagent.jar file in your system. The stripquotes parameter is necessary only if there are spaces in the path or filename, but is safe to include if not. 

    For example, on a Linux system and with seven Java parameters already in the file, add the following properties:"-javaagent:/opt/AppDynamics/Agent/app_agent/javaagent.jar"

    Note: There may be additional properties defined in other Mule files. These are generated by the system. As indicated by comments preceding these properties, you should not make changes directly to the properties. Mule automatically auto-increments the index number for these properties based on the highest integer number used in wrapper.conf, so you do not need to modify or otherwise account for the index numbers of auto-generated configuration properties.

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  1. Unknown User (

    This example will not work as presented:

    1. There cannot be two AppDynamics -javaagent definitions in one application startup.
    2. The example also shows unmatched double quotes on both javaagent lines
    3. The line: (should be TRUE)

    In our case on RHEL, the combination which worked was"-javaagent:/opt/AppDynamics/Agent/app_agent/javaagent.jar"

    ... where X = 8.

    One final point, there might be another place where values are defined, but these will be auto-generated by the application. Don't make changes to these, Mule is smart enough to auto-increment their indeces based on the highest integer used in the wrapper.conf. You will know that you are in the wrong place when there's a comment immediately before those arguments instructing you to not make changes directly to them.

    1. Thanks, Michael. I've updated the page based on your feedback.