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AppDynamics Agent for Java supports Jersey 1.x and 2.x by default. Business transaction entry points are named using the following app agent node properties:


Using Default Settings

By default the business transaction is named using the first two segments of the REST URI and the name of the HTTP method, separated by a period. The application name part of the URI is not used.



For example, using default settings, when the App Agent for Java detects this REST resource as an entry point, 
The agent uses the URI of the REST resource to name the business transaction.

The REST resource is accessible using the HTTP method GET.

So, the business transaction name would be, 
where MyResource/resource is the first two segments of the REST URI 
    and GET is the HTTP method.


Using rest-transaction-naming Properties


Using the rest-transaction-naming property, you can name the business transaction using a number of properties. For this example, we'll use the following agent node property:



So, when the App Agent for Java sees a REST resource with a class name of with a CreateNewEmployee method, it names the business transaction

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