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Accessing the AppDynamics Download Center

To access the AppDynamics software downloads, sign up for an account on After signing up, you can start a trial of AppDynamics Pro.

The AppDynamics Download Center ( has the complete set of software components for download, including access to older versions.

AppDynamics Software Components

AppDynamics Software Component





Central management server where all data is stored and analyzed.



Java App Server Agent

Instrumentation Agent for Java virtual machines.
This component must be installed on each Java application server you want to instrument through AppDynamics.

Required for Java

Required for Java

.NET App Server Agent
(includes a Machine Agent by default)

Instrumentation Agent for .NET Common Language Runtime (CLR).
This component must be installed on those worker processes that you want to instrument through AppDynamics.

Required for .NET

Required for .NET

PHP Agent

App agent for PHP installations.

Required for PHP

Required for PHP

Machine Agent

Collects hardware performance metrics and can be installed on any machine in your environment.
The Machine Agent can be extended to collect data from other subsystems.




For End User Management. See Customize Your Web EUEM Deployment.



Download Tips

Always copy or transfer the downloaded files in binary mode. If you have downloaded a binary on Windows, and you are moving it to a Unix environment, the transfer program must use binary mode.

(warning) For each file you download, verify that the download is complete and that the file is not corrupted. Run a checksum tool and compare the results against the checksum information on the download site. 

Downloading from the Linux Shell

To download AppDynamics software from a Linux shell, you can use the wget utility or cURL.

When using these tools, you first need to authenticate to the AppDynamics domain and store the resulting session ID in a file. Next, send the request to download the software, passing the session information file as a cookie.

For example, on Fedora you can use the following wget commands:

wget --save-cookies cookies.txt  --post-data 'username=<USERNAME>&password=<PASSWORD>'
wget --content-disposition --load-cookies cookies.txt '<URL_TO_FILE>'

On the Windows platform add the --no-check-certificate option.

The equivalent cURL commands are:

curl -c cookies.txt -d 'username=<USERNAME>&password=<PASSWORD>'
curl -O -b cookies.txt <URL_TO_FILE>

You can discover the URL for the file to download at the AppDynamics Download Center. If you need help retrieving the <URL_TO_FILE> value, you can supplement your download process by using two APIs to help programmatically download AppDynamics software. After getting your cookie information, use the Version List API, which will return a JSON of all available versions and when they were made publicly available. Then, after finding your version, you can list all available products for that version with the Download File List API. Find the "download_path" value within the response and add it to the curl command.

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