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Q: We are running a 3.8.x version of AppDynamics. To upgrade to 3.9, do we need to upgrade the hardware?

A: If your existing Controller is handling your metric load now and you are not changing your licensing, you should be fine when you upgrade to 3.9. To determine if you are close to exceeding your Controller's capacity, please contact AppDynamics. 

Q: How do I determine if my Controller is at or near its ability to adequately handle its metric load?

A: The following are indications of Controller performance issues:

  1. The Controller UI performs slowly. For short time ranges, such as 15 or 30 minutes, responses that take longer than 10 to 20 seconds can indicate that your Controller is under stress. 
  2. When the Controller's metric reporting lags 7 to 10 minutes behind the current time, it can be an indication that your Controller is under stress. A lag of about 3 to 5 minutes is normal.
  3. When monitoring the Controller environment, you see that CPU, memory, and disk metrics are at about 75% capacity.

Contact AppDynamics Support for assistance.