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Before you can create a workflow for cloud orchestration, you need to set up your cloud-specific components. 

Steps for Setting Up Cloud Computing Workflows

  1. Sign up for an account with a supported cloud services provider. You will need to use the credentials you are given to register your provider with AppDynamics, so that it can act on your behalf. You must also set up your account with images of the entities you want to be able to launch in the cloud, for example, AMIs for AWS.
  2. Set up a connector so that AppDynamics can interact with your cloud provider and then provide AppDynamics with your cloud provider credentials. See Compute Clouds. Once it is set up, the registered cloud appears as an option in the Select a Compute Cloud drop-down menu used for creating a workflow.
  3. Define the kinds of machines you want to be available to use in your workflows - for example, the format, OS, and instance type - depending on the cloud type you are working on.  Tell AppDynamics the images you want to be able to launch in the cloud. See Machine Images and Instances. Once they are set up, the images appear in the Select an Image drop-down menu used for creating a workflow.

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