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This page describes the Data Collection Dashboard, which displays all collected and processed data by AppDynamics.

About the Data Collection Dashboard 

AppDynamics allows you to customize most data configurations. Due to the various AppDynamics agent types and products, you can change the configuration in many different places. This flexibility can make it challenging to keep track of all of your settings.

The Data Collection Dashboard addresses this challenge by providing a single, easy-to-access view of the current state of all of your configuration parameters that may affect your organization's security and privacy. The Data Collection Dashboard should help you understand what data AppDynamics is collecting for your configured application instance at any point in time.

The unified view is only available to admins.

To view the Data Collection Dashboard, click Settings  > Data Collection Dashboard.

The dashboard provides a read-only view. You can change the configuration values in the respective places of the platform.

You can find online help for a data collector type. To do so, navigate to Applications, choose an application, and then click Configuration > Instrumentation > Data Collectors. Click Help in the data collector box of interest to view more information on that particular data collector and how to configure it.

You can click Export to save a raw JSON file of the selected data collection settings and share with non-admins, auditors, and sales.

Data Collector Types

This table lists all of the data collector types that you can view on the Data Collection Dashboard.

Data Collector TypeDescription

Agents Logging Session

Agents Logging Sessions log information with a specific type of logging information, such as application configuration changes, metric data, and system agent registrations.

Agents Metadata Default Config

Agents Metadata Default Configs collect app agents transaction metadata.

Browser Settings Config

Browser Settings Configs collect Browser RUM and Synthetic metrics.

Custom Data Browser

Custom Data Browsers customize the agent to collect custom metrics for the browser.

Custom Data Mobile

Custom Data Mobiles customize the agent to collect custom data types such as information points, custom timers, and custom metrics.
DB CollectorDatabase Collectors run within the Database Agent to collect performance metrics about your database instances and servers.
DB Security ConfigDatabase Security Configs collect literals, which can contain sensitive user data, retrieved from the database.

EUM Settings Config

EUM Settings Configs collect EUM metrics, custom data, and Analytics data.

GUID Injection

GUID Injections correlate logs and transaction analytics data to specific business transaction requests.

HTTP Request

HTTP Requests capture the URLs, parameter values, headers, and cookies of HTTP messages exchanged in a business transaction.

Information Points

Information Points reflect the data state across all invocations of a method, independently of business transactions.

Log Analytics Source Rule

Log Analytics Source Rules log data sources using job files to collect log analytics data.

Method Invocation

Method Invocations capture code data, such as method arguments, variables, and return values.

Mobile Settings Config

Mobile Settings Configs collect Mobile RUM metrics.

SIM HTTP User Service Config

SIM HTTP User Service Configs collect Standalone Machine Agent data using HTTP listeners.

SQL Data Collector

SQL Data Collectors collect the business data from SQL parameters for use in transaction analytics.
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