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AppDynamics Web End User Experience Monitoring (Web EUM) allows you to see how your web application is performing from the point of view of your end user.  You can answer questions like:

  • Which 1st or 3rd party Ajax or iframe calls are slowing down page load time?
  • How does server performance impact end user experience in aggregate or in individual cases?

You can drill into the data to explore how users experience your application in their Web browsers.

Using Web EUM to Monitor your Application

Web EUM offers multiple ways to look at your data, in real time.  You can: 

  • Understand and improve your web page's performance
    • Gain insight into individual requests, with detailed charts on how your pages, Ajax requests, and iframes load and build in your end user's browsers, with links, if enabled, to reports on server-side performance.  See Browser Snapshots.
    • Find your worst performing pages by multiple common metrics.  See Top Pages.
  • Reduce errors
    • Learn which pages are loading with JavaScript errors, and the script file and line number that are creating the problem.  See Browser Snapshots.
  • Learn about your users
    • See how your web users are connecting to your application, by device/platform and browser.  See Usage Stats.
    • Find out where in the world your web users are and how your application is performing across countries and regions. See The Web EUM Geo Dashboard View and Usage Stats.

For more information on using EUM for monitoring, see Monitor Your Applications with Web EUM.

Setting Up and Configuring Web EUM

Web EUM is easy to set up.  It is also highly configurable. You can:

For more information on setting up Web EUM, see Set Up and Configure Web EUM.

Licensing and Enabling Web EUM

Web EUM requires a separate license, and must be enabled before it is available for use. Until it is enabled it does not appear in the left navigation bar of the AppDynamics GUI.

For information about licensing, see Web EUM License.

For information on enabling or disabling EUM, see Set Up and Configure Web EUM.

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