AppDynamics Application Intelligence Platform

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Release Notes

If you are using the SaaS service for the AppDynamics Controller, simply open a web browser at the URL of the AppDynamics UI and log in with your AppDynamics credentials.

Your SaaS Controller URL

Your SaaS Controller URL is included in the welcome email from AppDynamics.

The URL is of the following form:


Login Credentials

Login credentials are included in the welcome email from AppDynamics.

To add additional login accounts contact the AppDynamics Support Team.

Connecting Agents to Your SaaS Controller Service

For agents to successfully connect to the Controller, configure the Controller host and port information using either the controller-info.xml file or the system properties of your JVM startup script.

To use HTTPS communication, enable SSL by setting the <controller-ssl-enabled> agent configuration property to "True". For details see App Agent for Java Configuration Properties, App Agent for .NET Configuration Properties, and Machine Agent Configuration Properties. See also Implement SSL on SaaS.

The default ports for the SaaS Controller service are:

  • Port 80 for HTTP
  • Port 443 for HTTPS

(warning) Important: If you need to configure network access rules to permit App Agents in your network to reach the AppDynamics SaaS Controller, permit outgoing connections for the subnet range of the SaaS Controllers,, on ports 80 or 443.

SMTP Service for SaaS

To enable email and SMS notifications you must configure SMTP. See Configure the SMTP Server.

Each machine that hosts a SaaS Controller includes an SMTP service. To use the provided SMTP service, the configuration for SaaS Controllers settings are:

  • SMTP Host: localhost
  • SMTP Port: 25

No authentication is needed.

Contact Support

For questions about the service, contact the AppDynamics Support Team.