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You can monitor end user experience by browser and by browser version.

The browser dashboard helps you discover:

  • the slowest browsers in terms of total end-user response time.
  • the slowest browsers to render the response page.
  • the browsers that most of your end users use.
  • the browsers that most of your end users use in a particular country or region.

Accessing Usage Statistics by Browser

  1. In the left navigation bar click: End User Experience -> Web.
  2. Select the Usage Stats tab.
  3. Click the Browsers tab if it is not already selected.

Overall Browser Distribution

The Overall Distribution chart shows the percentages of your end users using different browsers.

To see the total number of calls, average end user response time, and percentage of the total load for a particular browser, hover over the browser section in the chart.

To see the distribution by browser version, check Show Browser Versions.

Performance by Browser

The Performance by Browser list below the chart displays a row for each browser or each browser version if Show Browser Versions is checked.

The columns contain EUM metrics by browser. 

  • Not all browsers support all metrics.  See Web EUM Metrics.  
  • The performance for all IOS browsers - Chrome, Safari,etc - is displayed under iOS Mobile because of the way all IOS browsers report themselves.

Click a column to sort the browsers based on the column's metric. For example, if you want to sort the slowest browsers in terms of Download Time with the slowest browsers at the top of the list, click the Download Time column. You can toggle the column header to switch between ascending and descending order.

To filter the list to see only rows for a particular browser, enter the browser in the filter field.

Distribution by Country

The Distribution by Country list, below the Distribution by Browser list, breaks out the browser distribution of your end users by country. You can sort by any browser by clicking the browser's column header.

This list is particularly useful when viewed in conjunction with the worst performing regions panel in the geo dashboard. If a particular county is experiencing poor performance, it is possible that a significant percentage of your users in that country use a poorly-performing browser. This list can help you to determine whether the browser is a contributing factor.

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