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Business transactions are categorized as Normal, Slow, Very Slow, Stalls, or Errors in the transaction scorecard that appears in several dashboards. The categories are determined by configurable thresholds and by the AppDynamics error detection configuration.

To see the response time distribution over time, click the Transaction Scorecard link or the Transaction Analysis tab in a dashboard. For more information about this histogram see Transaction Analysis Tab.

To view or modify the default thresholds, click Configure->Slow Transaction Thresholds in the left navigation pane.

Thresholds can be static or dynamic; dynamic thresholds are based on historical data. You can configure what Slow, Very Slow, and Stall means for each business transaction in your application. For more information see Thresholds.

For information about troubleshooting slow response times see Troubleshoot Slow Response Times for PHP.

By default, errors with a severity of Error are detected from logged exceptions and messages. To view or modify error detection:

1. Click Configure->Instrumentation in the left navigation pane.
2. Click the Error Detection tab.
3. Click the PHP-Error Detection subtab.

See Configure Error Detection for PHP for information about configuring error detection. See Troubleshoot Errors for PHP for information about errors.