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Release Notes

Expensive Method Invocations and SQL Statements

If part of your application is showing performance degradation and you're not sure where to start looking for the root cause, one approach is to search and compare multiple snapshots together. You can do this to find the most expensive method invocations and SQL statements.

To troubleshoot by comparing multiple snapshots

1. Select the application dashboard and click the Transaction Snapshot tab.

2. Click the All Snapshots tab.

3. Sort the snapshots in a way that makes sense to you, such as by tier and by business transaction.

4. Select a few snapshots. You can compare up to 30 snapshots at a time.

5. Click Analyze -> Identify the most expensive calls/SQL statements in a group of Snapshots.

Depending on how many snapshots you chose, it may take more time to process the results.

6. The Expensive Methods and SQL Statements window shows the most expensive method invocations sorted by total time. You can also sort by average execution time or call count.

7. You can click on a snapshot to see its details.

8. Select two snapshots for the same business transaction and select Analyze -> Compare Snapshots to directly compare them.

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