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What is a Page?

In AppDynamics a page represents an individual source for the information that an end-user sees in a single browser window.

Types of Pages

A base page is the core HTML page.

A base page may also include one or more iframes, which can be nested.

A base page or an iframe can also make one or more Ajax requests to fetch data to display on the Web page.

You can collect Web EUM metrics for base pages, iframes and Ajax requests.

Each base page, iframe, and Ajax request type is assigned a unique name. Each page type has a dashboard that graphically displays key metric information for that specific item, based on its type.

Using the Pages & Ajax Requests View

The Pages & Ajax Requests view has two tabs: the All Pages tab and the Top Pages tab. The All Pages tab displays a list showing a high-level summary of all the monitored base pages, iframes, and Ajax requests in the application, along with their key performance indicators. The Top Pages tab displays the ten worst performing items grouped by common metrics - Requests per Minute, Page Render Time, and so forth.  Use this tab for a quick start to troubleshooting.

Accessing the All Pages Tab

To access the All Pages list:

  1. In the left navigation bar, click End User Experience -> Web
  2. Select the Pages & Ajax tab

The All Pages tab is displayed.

How the All Pages List is Organized

Each monitored base page, iframe and Ajax request is displayed in the list.

The Name column shows the name of the item as it is configured, always in lower-case. See Configure Page Identification and Naming for information on how to configure page names.

The Type column indicates whether the row represents a base page, iframe or Ajax request.

The remaining columns report EUM metrics for the items. See Web EUM Metrics. You can specify which metrics to display by clicking View Options.

Click a column header to sort the pages based on the column's metric. For example, if you want to sort the slowest pages in terms of Page Render Time with the slowest pages at the top of the list, click the Page Render Time column header. You can toggle the column to switch between ascending and descending order.

To view the page dashboard for a specific page, select the page and click View Dashboard or just double-click the page.  See Page, Ajax, and Iframe Dashboards for more information.

To filter the types of pages displayed in the list, select the type at the top of the list. For example, to see only Ajax requests, select Ajax Requests and clear Pages and IFrames. You can also use the With Load checkbox to see only pages that have load in the selected time frame.

Accessing Top Pages

Click the Top Pages tab as a shortcut to troubleshooting the ten worst performing pages in terms of various metrics.

Click on an item in one of the lists to display the dashboard for the item. Click View All to return to the unified list of all the pages.

More Actions Menu

In the More Actions menu in the All Pages tab, you can select a page in the list and perform the following actions on that page

  • Exclude: Use this option to direct AppDynamics to ignore this page and stop reporting metrics for it.
    You can use the View Excluded Pages option to see pages that have been excluded and then you can "unexclude" them.
  • Rename: Use this option to rename the page in the AppDynamics console.
  • Delete Item: Use this option to remove the page from the list. If AppDynamics discovers the page again it will reappear in the list. To prevent it from re-appearing use Exclude.
  • View Excluded Pages: Use this option to see pages you have previously excluded.

Page Limits

There is a limit of  500 total base pages + iframes and 500 Ajax calls that can be individually tracked per application. If your usage exceeds these limits, AppDynamics begins to drop metrics. If your installation is approaching these limits, you can modify how your metrics are collected by:

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