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Certain database connection strings cause ODP.NET database backends to appear with the label "Unknown0". This topic provides instructions on how to configure the App Agent for .NET to detect the database name. For general information on database backend naming, see ADO.NET Exit Points.

Database Backends Named "Unknown0"

The default database backend detection mechanism for the App Agent for .NET sometimes identifies an ODP.NET database as "Unknown0" based upon the connection string. If this is the case with your business application, you may observe one of the following: 

  • The backend displays the label "Unknown0" in the flow map:
  • The AgentLog.txt references an incompatible connection string:

    2014-03-26 11:05:08.8272 4716 w3wp 2 10 Warn ADOUtils ADO.NET backend: Unknown0 is using incompatible connection string: User Id=MYUSER;Data Source=(DESCRIPTION=(ADDRESS=(PROTOCOL=TCP)(HOST=

    For locations of the agent logs, see App Agent for .NET log files.

The following is an example connection string that produces the "Unknown0" name:


To enable database naming for your backend

  1. Register the ado-new-resolvers node property.

    For instructions on how to set a node property, see App Agent Node Properties.
    Name: ado-new-resolvers
    Description: Enable database detection and naming for ODP.NET backends labeled "Unknown0".
    Type: Boolean
    Value: True

    The default value is False.

    After configuration the agent rediscovers the backend with the correct name.

  2. Optionally delete the old database backend.