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This topic describes the high-level procedures for deploying multiple AppDynamics app agents and machine agents on Java platforms.

Deployment Procedure

To Deploy Java App Agents

1. Download the latest agent ZIP file from

2. Update deployment artifacts to use the downloaded agent.

3. Unzip the downloaded app agent file on the destination machine in the desired app agent directories.

4. Modify the app-agent-config.xml file with any custom settings for the node, tier or app.

5. Do one of the following for each application server:

  • Set the application name, tier name, node name, controller host and controller port properties in the <Agent_Installation_Directory>/conf/controller-info.xml file.
  • Set these properties as system startup properties in the application server startup script using the -D option.
    See App Agent for Java Configuration Properties for more information about these properties.

6. Restart the application servers to make the changes take effect.

See Install the App Agent for Java for detailed instructions on installing the app agent.

To Deploy Standalone Machine Agents

1. Download the latest AppDynamics Standalone Machine Agent ZIP file from

2. Unzip the downloaded file on the destination machine in the desired directories.

3. Modify the <Machine_Agent_Installation_Directory>/conf/controller-info.xml files to set the application name, tier name, node name, Controller host and Controller port properties. Note that there are no -D settings allowed for standalone machine agents, unlike app agents.

4. Configure the startup script for the machine to start the machine agent every time the machine reboots. For example, you could add the machine startup command to .bashrc.

To handle large values for metrics, run the standalone machine agent using a 64-bit JDK.

Sample Deployment Solutions

You can download some sample solutions that our customers have created to perform multi-agent AppDynamics rollouts.

Use these samples for ideas on how to automate AppDynamics agent deployment for your environment. All of these samples deploy the agents independently of the application deployment.

  • ChefExample1 and ChefExample2 use Opscode Chef recipes to automate deployment on Java platforms. See for information about Chef.
  • JavaExample1 uses a script, configuration file and package repository.

Click below to download the samples.

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