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The AppDynamics Java App Server Agent bootstraps using the javaagent command line option. Mule ESB 3.X or later uses a Tanuki configuration environment. To add the AppDynamics App Agent for Java to your Mule ESB environment, add this option to the Tanuki Service wrapper.conf file.

To configure the Tanuki Service Wrapper

1. Open the wrapper.conf file.

2. Use the<n> property to add the javaagent option.

3. On Linux systems, in the <MULE_HOME>/conf/wrapper.conf file, add the following"/Users/hbrien/Software/mule-enterprise-standalone-3.3.1/app_agent/javaagent.jar"/opt/app_agent/javaagent.jar

Where "X" is a unique integer among the other properties in the file.

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