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If your JVM machine has both an App Agent for Java and a Machine Agent, you cannot change the associations in the Machine Agent controller-info.xml file. You can only change these associations either through the UI or by modifying the App Agent for Java controller-info.xml file.

Moving a Node to a New Application or Tier

You can assign an App Agent for Java node to a new application or tier using the AppDynamics UI without restarting the JVM.

You can optionally update the controller-info.xml file and restart the JVM. You must restart the JVM when you change the associations in the controller-info.xml file.

Moving the node using the AppDynamics UI cannot be overridden by an agent configuration unless you set the force-agent-registration flag to true in the controller-info.xml file.

To change the Java Agent associations from the UI

1. Select the node that you want to move by clicking Servers -> App Servers -> <Tier> -><Node>.

2. Click Actions -> Move Node.

4. In the Move Node window select the new application and/or tier from the drop-down menus.

5. Click OK to confirm the reassignment. It may take several minutes to complete.



(info) When you change the associations for an App Agent for Java, AppDynamics registers an Application Changes event. You can review the details of the event in the Events view.

Optionally update the controller-info.xml file

The UI does not update the controller-info.xml file. However if you restart the JVM the Controller will remember and keep the change you made from the UI.

You may want to maintain consistency with the controller-info.xml file, just for neatness' sake. Perform these two additional steps:

6. Update these configuration changes in the App Agent for Java controller-info.xml file.

7. Restart the JVM.

If it is not feasible to restart the JVM at this time, remember the change and update the file the next time you restart the JVM.

Forcing node re-registration using the controller-info.xml file

If you've moved a node in the UI and you want to move it again elsewhere using controller-info.xml, then when you restart the JVM you set the force-agent-registration property to 'true'. See Force Agent Registration Property.

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