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The App Agent for PHP monitors messages sent from a PHP tier into a RabbitMQ backend.

The App Agent for PHP does not monitor messages received by a PHP tier from a RabbitMQ backend.

However, in a distributed transaction, the App Agents for Java and .NET can monitor messages received from a RabbitMQ backend when the messages originated from a PHP tier.

The App Agent for PHP RabbitMQ support requires the amqp extension.

To see the list of RabbitMQ backends, in the left navigation pane click Servers->Remote Services.

RabbitMQ Dashboard

The dashboard for a RabbitMQ backend displays:

  • a flow map showing the flow between app servers and the backend
  • the backend properties: exchange, host, port, and routing key
  • graphs of the key performance indicators (load, average response time, errors) for flows to the backend. To see a backend dashboard, select it in the remote services list and either double-click or click View Dashboard.

RabbitMQ Monitoring Extension

If you want to collect additional metrics from the RabbitMQ server itself, you can download the RabbitMQ Monitoring extension. This extension requires the standalone Machine Agent.

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