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Oracle ODP.NET database backends integrate with AppDynamics for Databases. This topic covers how to configure integration and an introduction to the enhanced features.

Configure Prerequisites

Before you can take advantage of the integration for Oracle backends with AppDynamics for Databases, you must perform the following setup:

  1. Install AppDynamics for Databases and add a collector for your Oracle database. See Install AppDynamics for Databases and Add an AppDynamics for Databases Collector.
  2. Enable integration with AppDynamics for Databases in the Controller. See Integrate with AppDynamics for Databases.
  3. Log off from the Controller, then log on again.
  4. Enable the Vendor property for ADO.NET backend naming. For more information see Changing the Default ADO.NET Automatic Discovery and Naming.

    AppDynamics for Databases requires the Vendor property to identify the Oracle database.

Monitor Oracle Database Backends

After you configure integration, AppDynamics enables links from the Controller to AppDynamics for Databases.

To monitor Oracle databases from the Controller

  1. Right-click the Oracle database and click Link to AppDynamics for Databases.

    In addition to the flow map, you can right-click the Oracle database in Servers > Databases to display the Link to AppDynamics for Databases.

    AppDynamics for Databases looks for a database match in its repository and displays the database platform window.

  2. If it doesn't find a match, you can select your database from a list and manually map it. You only need to map the database once. The next time you link, the database platform window displays automatically.

    For information on manually mapping your database, see Manually Map a Database.

  3. See Monitor Databases for more information on monitoring with AppDynamics for Databases.


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