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A network request is an HTTP request from an end-user to your mobile application.

The iOS agent detects network requests for which the underlying implementation is handled by the NSURLConnection class.
The Android agent detects network requests for which the underlying implementation is handled by the HttpURLConnection, HttpsURLConnection, or HttpClient classes.

You can monitor the aggregate performance of network requests to all your instrumented iOS applications or all your instrumented Android applications. Or you can monitor the performance of a single application.

There are different ways of viewing network request data:

  • Geographic view is the top level view that reports aggregated mobile data by geographic location. Monitor the geographic view to learn which countries have the highest number of requests, the longest request times, and the most errors.
  • Network requests lists display current network requests to your applications. You can sort the list according to key metrics such as the slowest response time, highest error rate, highest load, etc.  You can view a network request dashboard that summarizes aggregate performance for a specific network request.
  • Network request snapshots report information for a single instance of a network request taken at a certain point in time. Snapshots are useful for examining the details of the worst-performing requests. Access these snapshots from the network request snapshots list.
  • Usage stats display key network request metrics by various criteria: device, carrier, operating system version, connection type and application. For example, you can see which carriers are the slowest or which devices are producing the most errors.

The controller processes a maximum of 500 network requests per account. See Network Request Limits for suggestions on how to configure network request detection to stay under this limit.