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This topic describes how to interpret the details of your Mobile APM license information.

Mobile APM License Information

Your Mobile APM license is separate from your application server and Web End User Monitoring licenses.

To view Mobile APM License Information

1. In the upper right section of the AppDynamics console, click Settings -> License.

or on the Home screen in the AppDynamics under Settings click View License.

2. Scroll down to the Mobile entries under End User Monitoring.

License Key

This is the unique identifier that AppDynamics uses to associate end user data, both Web and Mobile, to your account. From a practical perspective you only need to know this information for troubleshooting purposes. The same key applies to Web EUM and Mobile APM services. However each product has its own types and quantity of agents. 

License Type

There are two license types:

  • Mobile Pro (Paid) license covers the number of Mobile Pro license units you have purchased. Each Mobile Pro license allows you to monitor a fixed number of active users per application per month. This number is specified in your AppDynamics service agreement.
  • Mobile Lite (Free) provides one Mobile Lite license unit. Mobile Lite allows you to monitor 50 active users per month, which enables you to try the product and get some value from it without signing up for a paid account.

By purchasing additional Mobile Pro license units, you can increase the number of unique mobile users allocated to your account. If you have not purchased a Mobile Pro account, you will receive a Mobile Lite account.

Usage Period

The usage period for mobile is always the current month, even if you have a multi-year license.

The usage period begins and the meter resets on the first of each month at 12:00pm Pacific time.

Total Mobile EUM Agents Licensed

For a Mobile Pro license, this is the equivalent of the total number of license units licensed by your account.

For a Mobile Lite license, this is one Lite license unit, which provides your account with the ability to monitor 50 unique users per month.

Monthly Unique Users Allocated

This is the number of unique mobile users per month allocated by your license.

Each Mobile Pro license unit provides a number of unique mobile users per month per native mobile app instrumented with AppDynamics iOS or Android SDK. To get your total number of unique users AppDynamics multiplies the number of licenses you have by the number of unique mobile users per license.

You cannot carry over unused allocated users from month to month.

Consumed Monthly Unique Users

This is the number of monthly unique users actually monitored during the current month. The month begins on the 1st at 12:00pm Pacific time, at which time this value is reset to zero.

If this value is greater than Monthly Unique Users Allocated and your license allows overages, you are incurring overage charges.

When your consumed monthly usage is at 90% of of your month allocation you will see a warning in the mobile APM dashboard.


How overages are handled is determined by the terms of your license agreement.

If your license does not allow overages, AppDynamics continues reporting mobile metrics generated by users who started using your application before you consumed all your allocated users. However, it does not report metrics for additional unique users. For example, if your license allows 50,000 monthly users, the agent does not report metrics generated by the 50,001st unique user and beyond but will continue to report on the first 50,000 for the rest of the month. Keep in mind that if there are patterns in which certain types of users activate the application in the first part of the month, you may be missing what other types of users are experiencing. Limiting the number of active users licensed is not a recommended way to do sampling.

If your license does allow overages and your usage exceeds the limit, AppDynamics continues reporting mobile metrics for additional users and bills you for the overage at the unit rate stipulated by your license agreement.

If you need to stop incurring overage charges, you can disable mobile monitoring by clearing the Enable Mobile check box in the Mobile APM configuration window. This will stop mobile monitoring and stop overage charges after a delay of approximately one minute. See Enabling and Disabling Mobile APM.