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About Metric Limits

AppDynamics agents instrument the transactions flowing through your application and report all critical metrics to the Controller. In order to ensure that you only have to look at metric information that is most relevant to your application, agents operate under a few limits.

Different limits apply to app agent and per machine agent, as follows:

  • For an app agent, the maximum number of registered metrics is 5000 by default.
  • For a machine agent, the maximum number of registered metrics is 200 by default.
    If the agent exceeds the limit, a single MetricOverflowException is generated and no new metrics are created until the agent restarts. The message is: Maximum metrics limit reached <maxMetrics> no new metrics can be created. This exception will not repeat until restart.

Modifying Metric Limits Per Agent

On Java platforms you can modify the limit using the agent.maxMetrics system property. For example, to increase the machine agent metric limit, in that process use the following as part of the JVM startup:


On .NET platforms set the maxMetrics property as an environment variable. Note that this setting only affects the app agent. For example:


Modifying Global Metric Limits

The maximum number of registered metrics for a single Controller across all agents is 2 million by default.

This limit is controlled by the metric.registration.limit property, which you can view or modify in the Controller Properties page in the Controller Administration Console.