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Internationalization Support in AppDynamics

AppDynamics supports double- and triple-byte characters in the agents, Controller, and UI. The support enables you to:

  • Enter double- or triple-byte characters into text fields in the UI
  • View double- or triple-byte characters from applications

Setting the UI Font Mode

By default the Controller UI uses single-byte fonts. Users can set the font mode in the Controller UI to use system fonts. This enables them to view UI text in languages other than English, depending on the localization setting of the operating system.

To enable double-byte characters in the UI

  1. In the user profile menu at the top right of the Controller UI, click My Preferences.
  2. In the View Preferences panel, click Use System Font.

You do not have to explicitly save this preference. The setting takes effect immediately. 

For more information about user preferences, see Set User Preferences.

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