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Transaction detection (entry point), backend detection (exit point), and node property configurations are applied on a hierarchical inheritance model. This model provides a default configuration for new tiers as well as the ability to re-use custom configurations in all tiers or tiers that you specify, eliminating the need to configure custom entry and exit points for all tiers.

A tier can inherit all its transaction detection and backend detection configuration from the application, or it can override the application configuration to use  a custom configuration.

Similarly, a node can inherit its entire node property configuration from its parent, or it can override the parent configuration to use a custom configuration.

Entry Point and Exit Point Inheritance

By default, tiers inherit the entry point and exit point configurations of the application. You can copy the application-level configuration to specific tiers or explicitly configure all tiers to use the application-level configuration.

At the tier level, you can specify that the tier should use the application-level configuration.

Or you can an override the application-level configuration by creating a custom configuration for the specific tier.

You can configure all tiers to use the custom configuration or copy the configuration for re-use in specific tiers. You can also reset a tier that is currently using a custom configuration to use the application-level configuration.

Node Inheritance

By default a node inherits the node properties of its parent tier (or of the application).

When you configure node properties you can specify that all nodes in a tier inherit the node properties of the parent (tier or application) or that the node should use a custom configuration.

If you create a custom configuration for a node, you can copy that configuration to the application, tier or to another node.

Switching Configuration Levels

If you customize configuration at the tier or node level and then switch back to the application-level configuration, you will not see the old configuration in the UI. However, the old tier or node level configuration is stored, and if you will see these old settings if you switch to the lower-level configuration again.

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