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When you are starting out, you can quickly configure an email notification to be sent when any health rule violates, using the Getting Started Wizard. This wizard creates an automatic policy that sends an alert to a single email address. 

To access the Getting Started wizard

1. Click Alert & Respond in the left navigation pane. The first time you do this, the Getting Started Wizard opens automatically.

2. If this is not the first time you have opened Alert & Respond, click the Getting Started Wizard at the bottom of the Alert & Respond screen.

3. If your SMTP server is not set up, click Configure SMTP Server.
See Configure the SMTP Server for instructions on configuring the SMTP server for email and SMS notifications.

4. Enter the email address to which alerts will be sent.

5. Click Save.
This wizard creates a policy named My Policy or My Policy n that sends email to the configured address whenever any health rule violation is started in the application.

To edit or delete the generated policy

1. Click Alert & Respond -> Policies to access the policy list.

2. Do one of the following:

  • To delete the automatically generated policy, select the policy and click the delete icon.
  • To edit the automatically generated policy, select the in the list and click the edit icon.
    You can fine-tune the types of violations and events that trigger the alert by editing the policy manually. For example, you can change the name of the policy, add or remove events that trigger the notification, add additional notification email addresses or other actions to be triggered by the policy.

You can also create entirely new health rules, policies and actions. See Policies.

3. Click Save.

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