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Quick Overview Handout

AppDynamics Quick Overview 11x17 PDF for 11x17 tabloid printing, booklet style

AppDynamics Quick Overview 8 1/2 x 11 PDF for letter printing, page style


This section gives you a roadmap to using AppDynamics.

Initial Installation

Self-Service Trial or Standard?

If you are using the self-service trial, see Quick Install.

If you are using a standard installation, see Install and Upgrade AppDynamics.

On-Premise or SaaS?

To get started with installing, configuring, and using AppDynamics, first determine whether you will use an on-premise or SaaS Controller.

For information about the different approaches, see Differences when using a SaaS Controller

Get Started with AppDynamics SaaS

If you are using or going to use the AppDynamics SaaS Controller, see Get Started with AppDynamics SaaS.

Get Started with AppDynamics On-Premise

If you are going to host your own Controller, see Get Started with AppDynamics On-Premise.

Monitoring, Troubleshooting, and Analyzing Application Performance

To get started using AppDynamics after it is installed, see: