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Accessing the EUM Dashboard

If end user monitoring is not configured for your application, you will not see the EUM menu item or any EUM data. See Set Up and Configure Web EUM for information about configuring EUM.

To access the End User Monitoring (EUM) Dashboard:

1. Select the business application for which EUM has been enabled..

2. In the left navigation pane, click End User Experience.
The EUM Dashboard opens.

How the EUM Dashboard is Organized

The EUM Dashboard displays end user experience information in two tabs:

  • Geographic Distribution
  • Browser Distribution

The Geographic Distribution view consists of three panels:

  • A main panel in the upper left containing that displays geographic distribution on a map or a grid
  • A panel on the right displaying summary information: total end user response time, page render time, network time and server time
  • Trend graphs in the lower part of the dashboard that dynamically display data based on the level of information displayed in the other two panels

The geographic region for which the data is displayed throughout the dashboard is based on the region currently showed on the map or in the summary panel. For example, if you zoom down from global view to France in the map, the summary panel and the graphs display data for France.

The Browser Distribution view displays key performance indicators and graphs of average response time  and by browser and browser version.

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