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AppDynamics Dashboards

Elements Common to all Dashboards

The top icons in the upper right corner are available on every view.

  •   The Help dropdown menu contains links to information resources, support, and enables you to disable the help pop-ups.
  •   The Settings dropdown menu provides access to system-level information, including email notifications, a list of agents reporting to this controller, and license information. For more information see:
  •   The User dropdown menu shows the current user, enables you to log out, and to access user preferences. For more information see:

The second row icons are available on the dashboards to help you navigate.

  • The house  button returns you to the Home page.
  • The right and left buttons   go to previously accessed views, just like in a browser.
  • The refresh  button causes the display to update to the latest data.
  • This  button takes you to the Application List.
  • The breadcrumbs  indicate the path to the current view.
  • The video  button links to available videos.
  • The help page  button opens the applicable page in the product documentation.
  • The link  button copies a link to the current view to the clipboard.
  • The Compare  dropdown enables you to choose to compare to the baseline or not and to access the baseline configuration window.
  • The global Time Ranges  drop-down list in the upper right sets the time range for all metrics shown for the application.

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