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Monitoring Controller Performance

To monitor Controller performance:

  • Monitor heap usage
  • Review the server log file

To monitor heap usage

  • On a Windows machine: Use the Task Manager to measure the memory usage for the Controller.
  • On a Linux machine: Use the top command to get statistics for the memory data.

    ps -elf (expect to see a "java" process and a "mysql" process)
    top (expect to see java and mysql with cpu greater then 0)

To check the Controller server log for errors

  1. Open a console and navigate to the <Controller_Installation_Directory>/logs/server.log file.
  2. Open the log file and look for any anomalies.

Performance Issues

If you observe degradation in Controller performance it may be due to one of the following:

  • The hardware resources for the Controller might not match the correct Controller profile.
  • The Controller performance profile may be incorrectly configured.

To troubleshoot Controller performance issues

  1. Confirm that the hardware matches the Controller profile you use. For details see Controller System Requirements.
  2. Confirm that your disk performance matches the recommended thresholds for minimum disk performance. For details see Controller System Requirements.
  3. Conform that the Java SDK version is exactly the same as the Java version on the Controller. To display the version of Java used by the Controller:
    • Open the command line utility.
    • Go to <Controller_Installation_Directory>/jre/bin
    • Run java -version.

To troubleshoot Controller issues

If problems persist, contact AppDynamics Support.