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This topic describes how to configure custom metrics in a z-OS environment.

Start the Resource Management Facility (RMF)

AppDynamics requires the RMF (Resource Management Facility) to collect the data for the required metrics.

To initialize and start the RMF

1. Connect to the EPTDFRH user and initialize the ETPGZCK user, if not already done.

2. Connect to TSO and provide the details of IBMUSER.

3. Upon a successful connection, choose the SD (System Display and Search Facility) option.

4. Use the following commands to initialize and start the RMF:


5. Access the following URL to confirm the RMF startup:

After successful RMF startup, the URL should display a valid HTML page.

6. Click Explore and then Metrics to display all the available metrics for SVSCPLEX, SYSPLEX.

To install the scripts

1. Download and unzip the attached file to the <machine-agent-install-directory>/monitors/ directory.

2. Select the required metric locations, and add them to urls.list file in the zos-monitor directory. For example:

% CPU utilization               =,*,PROCESSOR&id=8D0460
% users                         =,SVSCPLEX,SYSPLEX%22&id=8D0D50
% using for i/o by MVS image    =,SVSCPLEX,SYSPLEX%22&id=8D1DA0
% CSA utilization by MVS image  =,SVSCPLEX,SYSPLEX%22&id=8D2410
% users by MVS image            =,SVSCPLEX,SYSPLEX%22&id=8D0D60

To confirm that the scripts are successful

Once the above steps are performed successfully, start the Machine Agent in debug mode.
The following information in the Machine Agent log confirms that the processing is successful.

[Worker-7] 28 Mar 2012 19:59:02,128  INFO ExecTask - Started Executable Command [[G:\AppDynamics\64bit\3.3.4\
[Worker-7] 28 Mar 2012 19:59:02,128 DEBUG ExecTask - Will wait for process exit , before sending execution status.
[Worker-1] 28 Mar 2012 19:59:04,651 DEBUG MonitorOutputHandler -  Monitor line parsed:name=Custom Metrics|zos|% CPU utilization (CP), value=3
[Worker-1] 28 Mar 2012 19:59:04,653 DEBUG MonitorOutputHandler - Reporting metric after reading metric [Custom Metrics|zos|% CPU utilization (CP)]
[Worker-1] 28 Mar 2012 19:59:04,653 DEBUG MonitorOutputHandler - Reporting Metric Name [Custom Metrics|zos|% CPU utilization (CP)] Value [3]
[Worker-7] 28 Mar 2012 19:59:04,654 DEBUG ExecTask - Process exited with code: 0

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