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By default, when Web EUM is enabled the JavaScript agent captures periodic browser snapshots (page, iframe, and Ajax) every 60 seconds and other snapshots when performance thresholds are crossed or errors are encountered.

You can:

  • enable/disable slow snapshot collection, that is snapshots of requests where the End User Response Time is higher than the configured threshold.
  • enable/disable periodic snapshot collection.
  • enable/disable error snapshots, that is snapshots of requests for which a JavaScript error is reported or an Ajax request receives an HTTP error response. An error response is any HTTP code equal to or greater than 400.

If all three kinds of browser snapshot types - periodic, error, and slow response time -  are disabled, the agent does not collect any browser snapshots.

Access Error Detection Rules

1. Access the EUM configuration screen if you are not already there. Configure->Instrumentation.
2. Select End User Experience tab.
3. Select Web Page Naming, Error Detection, Thresholds, etc. sub-tab.
4. Expand Event Policy Configuration

When you complete your changes, remember to click Save.

Configure Snapshot Collection Rules

1. Do one or more of the following:

  • Use Enable Slow Snapshot Collection to enable/disable slow response time snapshot collection.
  • Use Enable Periodic Snapshot Collection to enable/disable periodic snapshot collection.
  • Use Enable Error Snapshot Collection  to enable/disable error snapshot collection

2. Click Save.

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