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This section describes how you can configure the App Agent for Java for multiple JVMs that are located on a single machine and are serving two tiers.

For example, the ACME Bookstore has two JVMs on the same physical server. These two JVMs are bound to two different virtual IP (one JVM is used for Order Processing Services and the other JVM is used for Inventory Services).

For such cases, follow these rules:

  • All of the common information should be configured using controller-info.xml file.
  • All of the information unique to a JVM should be configured using the system properties in the JVM startup script.
  • Information in the startup scripts always overrides the information in the controller-info.xml file.

To configure the App Agent for Java

1. Add application name to controller-info.xml file.

2. Add javaagent argument and following system properties (-D options) to the start-up script to each of your JVM:

java -javaagent:<Agent-Installation-Directory>/javaagent.jar -Dappdynamics.agent.tierName=$tierName -Dappdynamics.agent.nodeName=$nodeName

Separate the system properties with a white space character.

All agents in shared mode need a unique node name so that they can be differentiated from one another. See Configure App Agent for Java to Use Existing System Properties.

The following illustration displays how this configuration is applied to ACME Bookstore:

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