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Browser snapshots capture and display a broad set of metrics associated with a single request.  You can drill down into errors, and, if your app server is instrumented with AppDynamics app agents, see any server-side transaction snapshots associated with that request.

When EUM is enabled, AppDynamics collects browser snapshots for:

  • every base page, iframe, and Ajax request; these serve as a heartbeat snapshot
  • the slowest page by every region, every device and every browser
  • unique JavaScript errors; identified by script name and line number
  • unique Ajax errors; identified by the HTTP error code in the Ajax response

For more information about browser snapshot collection, Configure Browser Snapshot Collection.

Access a Browser Snapshot

To access the Browser Snapshots list, in the left navigation bar, click End User Experience -> Web.

Select the Browser Snapshots tab 

A list of available browser snapshots appears. You can change the timeframe of your search by changing the Time Frame dropdown menu. 


Normal user experience
 Slow user experience
Very slow user experience
JavaScript errors.  To see more information on the error, hover over the icon and a popup with summary information appears.
Correlated server side transaction snapshot exists

Configure the Browser Snapshot List

  • Configure sorting
    Sort the snapshots by clicking a column header. For example, click the End User Response Time (ms) column header to sort the snapshots in descending order, with the highest response times at the top of the list
  • Configure the columns to display
    Click View Options to configure the columns to display in the browser snapshot list.

  • Filter the list
    You can filter the list to display only browser snapshots that meet certain criteria. For example, the following configuration restricts browser snapshots to JavaScript and AJAX errors that occurred on Internet Explorer

Open the Snapshot

  • Double-click the snapshot that you want to examine, or
  • Select the snapshot that you want to examine and click View Browser Snapshot.

Browser Snapshot Types

There are three browser snapshot types, depending on whether the original object was a page, an iframe, or an Ajax request.  

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