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Background Tasks 

A background task or a batch job is a scheduled program that runs without user intervention. These programs automate tasks that are performed on a regular basis. Batch jobs that are required to be processed on a regular basis are incorporated into batch schedules.

By default AppDynamics does not automatically discover most background tasks. In some cases AppDynamics may discover a task and interpret it as a business transaction.

Separating Background Tasks from Business Transactions

In some environments AppDynamics will automatically discover a background task and initially identify it as a business transaction. In this case you want to reclassify the task so that it is not included in the business transaction metrics.

AppDynamics lets you treat background tasks differently than transaction-based requests because background tasks usually take more time to execute. Monitoring background tasks together with the business transactions would skew the averages for response time for the tier and for the node where these background tasks are executed. Therefore, AppDynamics recommends that you monitor background tasks separately from business transactions.

Background tasks are not counted toward the average response time of the tier or the node.

Background Tasks in the UI

Although background tasks are monitored separately, they are displayed along with the other business transactions in the Business Transactions List. They show the background task icon: .

AppDynamics provides visibility into the key performance metrics and code level visibility for background tasks. You can monitor background tasks in the following areas of the UI:

  • The Metric Browser shows the response time for each background task.
  • AppDynamics creates transaction snapshots of each execution of a background task. However, if a particular job runs too frequently then AppDynamics may not capture all details for each execution.

The tier and application level metrics are not collected for background tasks. On an application dashboard, background tasks will not show any call details.

Enabling and Configuring Background Task Monitoring

When you know that there are background tasks in your application environment and you want to monitor them, or to reclassify a business transaction as a background task, see Configure Background Tasks.

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