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Backend Databases and Remote Services

AppDynamics gives you visibility into calls made to uninstrumented destinations inside or outside your application infrastructure. In AppDynamics, databases and remote services such as message queues are collectively known as backends. AppDynamics discovers backends from exit point calls in the application code. An exit point is a call from an instrumented node to another node or to a backend. When the destination of an exit point call is not instrumented, the exit call results in a backend discovery event. By default AppDynamics automatically discovers a wide range of backends.

Monitor Backends

For details about monitoring backends see:

Troubleshoot Backend Performance

To troubleshoot slow response times related to backends see:

Configure Backend Detection

If you know that the application flow map should be showing a specific backend and you are not seeing it, you can modify the configuration to detect backends. You can:

Delete Unnecessary Backends

You can delete backends from the Database Server List.
See Databases List and Dashboard.

You can also configure the Controller to automatically remove stale backends. See Remove Stale Backends.

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