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For more tutorial videos see the AppDynamics Learning Bytes.

3.8 Overview

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What is a Health Rule?

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The videos below currently use the 3.7 interface, but the material that they cover functions essentially in the same way in 3.8. Watch this space for updates.



Web End User Monitoring

How to monitor browser performance.

Monitor Applications

Overview of how to monitor your application in AppDynamics.

Business Transactions

How AppDynamics uses business transactions to monitor application performance.

Application Runbook Automation

Health Rules, Alerts, and Actions

Utilizing JMX Metrics in Troubleshooting

Utilizing JMX Metrics in Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting Database Connection Issues

Troubleshooting Database Connection Issues

Alert and Respond: Notifications

How to set up email or SMS notifications when events occur in your application.

Troubleshooting Application Errors

Identifying and troubleshooting errors in your application.