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Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF) is an open source cloud computing Platform as a Service (PaaS). Developers can develop, deploy, operate, and scale cloud-native applications for public and private clouds. AppDynamics App iQ Platform supports performance monitoring of applications, machine metrics, and visibility into the Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF) platform on the Pivotal Network 

The AppDynamics version 4.5 integration for Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF) supports PCF 2.x (v2.0.7+), and consists of three tiles available for download:

Service Brokers

A service broker is a Cloud Foundry (CF) component that supports registering services in the Pivotal marketplace and making those services available to apps via the 'bind' model. A service broker implements the service broker API to support listing services in the marketplace, creating an instance of a particular service for a particular context, such as organization or space, and binding an app to the service.

AppDynamics delivers a service broker to support an AppDynamics marketplace service as part of the AppDynamics Application Performance Monitoring for PCF tile. The controller parameters are configured in the tile and automatically published to the marketplace when the tile is installed, enabling you to easily deploy your AppDynamics-monitored applications. The AppDynamics Platform Monitoring for PCF tile provides visibility into the PCF platform where your AppDynamics-monitored applications are deployed. The AppDynamics Application Analytics for PCF tile enables you to optimize application performance through auto-correlated data relationships about a particular business transaction (add to cart, checkout, etc.) flowing through complex web of distributed application architectures. For release notes, requirements, and information about setting up AppDynamics in PCF, see our corresponding Pivotal Partner documentation.

How a PCF App Binds to a Marketplace Service

An app can be bound to a marketplace using the CF CLI, or the Apps Manager User Interface:

 $ cf bind-service my-app my-marketplace-service-instance

When a PCF app binds to a marketplace service, the parameters and credentials associated with the service are injected into the app's environment in the VCAP_SERVICES variable, a JSON map. Buildpacks that support the marketplace service can automatically consume the parameters from the environment to enable or connect to the service. This gives PCF administrators a controlled way to deliver service parameters to applications, as they can manage what is registered in the marketplace, and ensure apps in a particular environment—dev, test, or prod—can connect to the service provisioned for that environment.

PCF Sample App Workflows

The following pages illustrate example PCF end-to-end workflows using sample applications:





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